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Alejandra R - Financial Coach

If only you didn’t have to worry about money, everything would be perfect, right?

Well, the truth is, you don’t have to worry about money – ever again. How? By changing your relationship with money, one limiting belief at a time.
My goal is to help you see money in a whole different way. So it’s no longer a barrier to thrive on your business and reach happiness , but rather an unlimited resource that supports you and your dreams, each and every day.

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Real and sustainable wealth creation is possible. Only, it starts with you, opening your mind, and making a decision to change

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  • Thanks for being so understanding, non-judgmental, brutally honest, and fun about money stuff. I feel that approach has significantly helped me to change my money behaviour....just by having someone who is real about the money issues that are common to all of us. It also makes it feel more like I can be as successful as I want to be and as others I look up to because suddenly this is not just for a select few people who are business superheroes (if that makes any sense lol). So thank you for that! Your approach is really great and has worked for me.
  • Alejandra is one of the main pillars of my project. She has been there from the beginning and she has the magic to make everything easier and visual in terms of money. She is organized and made me be organized too. I love to have my monthly meetings with her and explain to her my new ideas, she gives me always accurate feedback and sometimes has to keep my feet in the ground. She fills me up of good energy and positivity and it makes me work more conscious and efficiently. I highly recommend Alejandra’s sessions, at least once per month. She is my ‘business vitamin’ and also a good friend.
    Tania Garcia, CEO, Travel Expert
  • Ale helped us understand our financials better by explaining our cashflow cycle, developing a job costing model and training us to better utilise our accounting platform. Throughout a potentially worrying time, she was calm and solutions focussed which made working with her an encouraging and pleasant experience. We absolutely recommend Ale.
    Carolyn & Nicole Directors
    Fresh Desk

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